Welcome to our company



We are a greek company which manages a network that specializes in repair or replacement of any type of glass with specialization the car glass.

MOTORGLASS is a fast - growing private company, which has a network of partners throughout Greece.

It also has corporate branches in some cities of the country which intends to increase.

We have a network of 85 partners throughout Greece and we are constantly growing.

Οur company has been active since 1995 in the sector (repair, replacement, selling, and import of car glasses).

We choose to support and supply our network with high-quality materials.

Our know-how, the good customer service, the mobile units in order to serve our customers at their preferred place and time and our prices, constitute our competitive advantage in the greek market.

We provide training to our executives on technology developments.

We have an advanced computer system, logistic, warehouses.

We cooperating with the majority of the insurance companies.

Having all these advantages, MOTORGLASS enjoys the trust of large multinational insurance companies, as well as other greek insurance companies, and has strong growth prospects.

We have consistency, reliability, and happy customers.


Yours sincerely,
Kostas Latinakis